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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

I always tell my clients, "For change to happen you must be willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." And why do I tell them that? Because it is 100% true.

Take Your Angel on Vacation With You

Would you like to feel peace whenyou go on vacation?Why not take your Angel with you?Have you had vacations where the traffic was bad, the rooms were bad, the atmosphere is anything except conducive to relaxation?What was missing there?

Pepper Spray Uses And Effects

There is quite a large variety of pepper spray options offered in the market today by protection technology companies. A few of these options include: Mace Pepper Spray 10%, Pepper shot 10%, Lip Stick Spray, ...

Has Your Wake-up Call Arrived?

A wake-up call is a resounding signal received that change is necessary in your life. Often we get this type of call when a crisis or deeply challenging situation has emerged.Clients ask me, "What is crisis in our lives? How can we tell we're heading into crisis, versus simply going throug

Law Of Attraction And Money: Tips To Becoming Richer

So many people think about the law of attraction and money in relation to love, but the truth is that when applied correctly, it will work on so many different aspects of your life. This even includes money, and it absolutely is possible for you to think in such a way that money is attracted to you

The 4 Whys We Should Ponder to Improve Our Lives

We often find that, for some reasons, we keep doing the things we are doing but we just can't achieve the things that we want to achieve. We often ask ourselves, who we were, what does it meant to be 'me.' I believe at some point in your life, these questions have been running through

The Secret Vision Board

Do you want to have a big house, big car, a lifestyle that you dream about? Regardless of your current circumstances, all your dream can become real. What you need is to think and feel positively towards your dream. Although this may sound easy, many people find it hard to visualize their dreams wit

9 Ways To Break Social Ice

9 effective ways to break social ice and get the party flowing! Parties, dances, restaurants...wherever you are in a social situation, there is almost always social ice. People seem a bit awkward: they sit by themselves, talk to no one, and basically act like social outcasts. Once this starts occurr

Today, Yes, Today! You Will Be in Paradise

These sentences usher in for us a tremendous living and saving truth. Paradise is assured for the life to come in those who believe Jesus is the Son of God. The truth is this criminal had more faith than all of Jesus' followers put together.

Failure To Plan

How many times have you thought about changing your life, or creating a new future that is full of promise? If you are one who has only dreamed and not taken any action, then it's time to get moving, or instead, just accept that your life as you know it now will probably be the same forever. So

Effects of Animal Endangerment

Watching a television programme recently has brought to mind a subject that I have very strong feelings about, endangered species of animals. The programme itself is just a detective story about killings by a so-called 'beast' and within the story were many comments about the 'Beast o

A List Of The Best Ages To Get A Facelift

Face lifts are incredibly useful if you want to look younger. The face is often the most memorable part of a person and is how the public will see you. It is also often the source of most physical judgment.

What Do We See?- Part 2

Looking through the persona's eyes reveals a narrow and limited world that causes a feeling of suffocation - the boredom that is so widespread in modern society - while we are controlled by the mechanical patterns that repeat themselves and become abhorrent, because we are not progressing in a

Persistence Is Key

Whether it is your chosen sport, online tutoring or raising children, I believe you must have persistence to achieve results. Without persistent effort success will be absent.

Recognize the Top 10 Physical Symptoms of Stress

Recognizing and understanding the physical symptoms of stress will help break the destructive stress cycle. By understanding these symptoms and choosing not to worry about them, you will avoid evoking further stress.

Know Yourself

The Truth Shall Make Your Free Many of us have heard this and quite a few know where it was written (John 8:32 in the Bible). It is misleading. When the reader comes across this verse or the person quotes it in a movie or on the TV it is thought that the sheer knowledge of the Truth is what makes th