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Know More about Isagenix and Isagenix Associates

With the Internet being flooded with reviews and testimonials of the much talked about magical product Isagenix, it is natural that you are here to know about what is Isagenix.In this article I have tried ...

In the Beginning There Was Food - Part 4

Welcome back! We're happy you've chosen to return to follow along with us in our journey to a more balanced and nutritionally sound diet and lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Pointers

Everyone wants to practice healthy eating because of the numerous advantages it offers such as increased energy level, improved concentration, clearer mind, bolstered immune system. Given below are six useful pointers to improve your eating habits.

What May Surprise You About Some Foods High In Uric Acid

One of the first warnings you may get from your doctor when diagnosed with gout is to watch out for foods high in uric acid producing properties known as purines. Purines, when metabolized, lead to the development of uric acid. When excess levels of uric acid are reached it can result in the formati

How To Fight Stress Through Healthy Eating

Stress is a condition that makes us jittery, unrefreshed, and unable to sleep at night. Stress also tends to allow us to make poor, unhealthy food choices. However, healthy eating can actually reduce

The Facts on Flax

Flax seeds (or linseeds) and oils have become a staple in health food stores over the last decade. You see flax in everything from cereal, to pizza crust and hear rave reviews on using flax seed oil in place of the usual vegetable or olive.So what's the big fuss over flax?

Is There a Bee Pollen Benefit?

The answer to this age-old question of the bee pollen benefit is unequivocally, yes!There is an overwhelming amount of information and education that says there is definitely a huge bee pollen benefit in the human body.

Mangosteen Drink - Which Is Best?

Summery Vemma is a Network Marketing Business that has developed a groundbreaking formula that is based on the incredible health benefits of Mangosteen. The product is designed to contain loads of vitamins and minerals along ...

The Daily Burn and Kids

My kids are watching what they eat without me nagging them! They have been watching me lately log in and track my nutrition and my workouts.

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

"Can I give quinoa to Rocket?" asked my next-door neighbor a short while ago. "He was smacking his lips and salivating for that quinoa we had for lunch the other day," she added. Now, Rocket is the neighbor's 2 year old black Labrador. Friendly and playful, Rocket is the dar

The Great Dairy Debate

Dairy is not all it's cracked up to be. The self-proclaimed main source of calcium creates inflammation, mucous, and fat. Very few people, if any, require dairy nor should be eating it on reg

Boost Immune System By Natural Antioxidant Acetylcysteine

Acetylcysteine is a fantastic and little known about supplement. Anyone who is health conscious these days has heard about the wonderful benefits of antioxidants in preventing cancer and maintaining an optimum state of health.

The Health Benefits of Cacao Powder

The seed of the cacao tree, the cacao bean, has had a lot of attention recently due to its suggested health benefits. It has been confirmed by the ORAC test (ORAC stands for oxygen radical ...

Joint Pain SupplementsHow Helpful Are They?

Maintaining good health is not easy. In the stressful work environment present today, where long hours of commuting and hectic schedules are common the common man finds little time to take care of his health.

Top Four Facts Patients Should Know About Cortef

When your body does not make enough cortisol, conditions may arise that may make taking hydrocortisone, a corticosteroid, necessary. Cortef is a well-known brand name medication of hydrocortisone on the market today. This medication is used to relieve inflammation and treat various medical condition

Ready Reckoner for Folic Acid Dose

There is a simple equation. 1 DFE = 1 mcg food folate = 0.6 mcg folic acid. For example if one orange has 20 mcg of folate and your daily requirement of folic acid is 400 mcg you should take 33 oranges and not 20 oranges. However if you take folic acid supplement of 400 mcg it simply substitutes 33

Cool Down With Homemade Kombucha Tea

As the weather starts to turn warm, lots of folks start making sun tea to wet their whistle and cool down. Well how about trying your hand at kombucha? No, it's not a Mercian dance; it's a drink and a mighty powerful one at that. Kombucha, is a naturally fermented beverage made from tea, s

The History and Tradition of Maca

Interested in Maca root? Read this article for a detailed explanation of the history and tradition behind Peru's favorite superfood.

Protein - A Dietary Source of Energy

The next time you need a boost of energy, don't reach for a cup of coffee or a can of cola. Instead, have a snack or drink that is high in protein. This will give you energy that will continue to work throughout the day and help to eliminate those mid-afternoon blahs.

Why Milk (Real Milk) Does a Body Good

Have you ever had a glass of real milk? Are you sure about that?The milk you buy in your local grocery store is either pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk harvested from conventional cows kept in confinement. By confinement, I mean you have to wear a space suit to get near them.These cows are not