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Early Trauma Appears Necessary for Schizophrenia To Occur

Based on my findings, all may relate to early traumata, and I seriously question whether a person can flash back to infancy without having experienced an original trauma. Even if early traumata are necessary for the later development of all serious disorders, however, this does not preclude a geneti

Could It Be Depression?

Are you a college student? Full time worker? Part time worker? Do you feel life is too hard to get on with? Don't take this like it's something out of this world, but you may ...

How to Choose a Counsellor

A counsellor is a trained professional who is able to provide help and guidance on a number of issues or problems that you may be currently experiencing. Counselling can cover a huge range of topic ...

Assessing OCD in Adults

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is having obsessive thoughts or images that appear to interfere into a person's mind. Even if the person with OCD personally knows they are his own thoughts, he can't stop ...

Anxiety Support Groups in Texas

Texas has several locations for support groups.texas map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comAnxiety is a common human feeling that people often experience before a major event such as an exam. However, feelings of fear and nervousness without a catalyst or reason for them are signs...

Announcing a Mental Heath Illness to Friends and Family For the First Time

It's a major shock to the system when you've been diagnosed with a mental illness. There are plenty of questions that bounce around the mind after that diagnosis, some with easier answers than others. However, one of the hardest challenges you'll face is to face friends and family and

Start achieving easy weight loss with hypnosis

Easy weight loss is now popularly being achieved through hypnosis. The possibility of easy weight loss through hypnosis is one of the popular reasons for people to use this type of treatment. Many medical professionals ...

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms and Facts

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that people get diagnosed with. A person with such disorder experiences extreme mood swings. He can very easily go from happy to angry without a reason. There are many other symptoms that a person with bipolar disorder has.

How to Control Panic Attacks Using a Natural Technique

The problems of the mind are usually more difficult to treat than the problems of the body. Panic attacks are a problem of the mind. Learning how to control panic attacks can put your mind at ease and get your life back on track.

How to Exercise your Nervous System

The nervous system relies on a high-speed communications network to alert the brain to information that affects all areas of the body. For instance the impulses sent from the nervous system to the brain travel ...

Theories of Failure

Failure is a part of the human condition. Various theories related to motivation have attempted to explain the reasons why students fail in school activities. Students can fail to meet the expectations of the teacher or themselves. Students who measure success based on external factors, such as a cl

Behavior Problems in Adults With ADHD

According to the Mayo Clinic, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, often referred to as ADHD, is "a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often persists into adulthood." The common attributes of the disorder are widely understood for children but there is a question or whether

Online Games That Improve Memory

If you are looking for games to improve memory, just read this article. Discover the different mind games that can surely enhance not just your recall but all other functions of the brain. From card g

Aggression in Children Caused by Music

Music has the ability to cause emotional and neurological effects on the human brain. Melodic pulses can calm and pacify us in seconds. Put a classical CD into your car stereo and listen as your infant's cries suddenly lessen, then stop. However, studies have shown that music can also incite aggress

How to Balance Your Energies

What does 'Life in Balance' mean? What does it mean to you? Discover your own way of achieving a 'Life in Balance'.