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Autism Fear Monster #1 - Oh, My God, My Child Has Autism

Worried your child may have autism? Articles about the Autism Spectrum are currently the rage, but few reassure parents their child may not have autism. Personality theorist Steven Paglierani offers a few interpersonal tools with which to face this fear.

Sean Kenneth, 17 months

Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the toddlers photo gallery.

Instructions for a Chicco Mamma High Chair

Without instructions you may not be using the Chicco Mamma Highchair safely. It is important to make sure the high chair is assembled correctly and to follow all safety guidelines set by the manufacturer. This high chair is created by the Italian baby care company, Chicco, which specializes in baby

How to Help Time-Poor Parents

Grandparents may wrestle with the question of how best to help their children who are time-poor parents. These four suggestions may help.

5 Rules For Bathing Your Toddler the Happy and Safe Way!

Bathing your toddler should be a fun time that brings you and your toddler closer together. Not only do you want it to be a fun time, but also you want it to be a safe time. Accidents that hurt or scare your toddler can make it very difficult for future baths. With this in mind, here are some tips f

Techniques and Strategies of Discipline

How can I discipline my child? How to discipline a child is the most common aspect in parenting but also the most controversial. Most parents do not have a clue on how to modify their child's behavior and are often left dumbfounded when faced with their child's behavioral problem.

Good Guilt, Bad Guilt - Parents Choose

Guilt is knowing right and wrong and how to correct wrong behavior. It's based on a belief taught by parents of "I'm bad" or "I'm good." Learn how to establish guilt based upon "I'm good."

Cloth Baby Wipes

Other parents share their money saving tips. Here are tips for saving money by using cloth baby wipes.

Ways a Diaper Service Works

Diaper services were once a popular means for busy families using cloth diapers instead of disposables on their babies. Over the years, people turned to disposable diapers, making the service nearly obsolete. As the environmentally-friendly ...

Meals to Make With Kids

Kids love helping their parents in the kitchen. Cooking with your child provides an excellent learning opportunity. It teaches her about food safety, how to prepare her own meals and even presents the opportunity to teach her about math and measurements. When the meal is finished, not only will your

Finding The Perfect Baby Monitor For A Newborn Child

Parenting is stressful and can drive a new pair of parents mad. Every little detail needs to be observed, whether it's while the baby is awake or asleep. Parents who are inattentive because they're tired can easily neglect a child.


Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the parenting babies and toddlers photo gallery.

Winter Activities For Tweens and Teens

Those winter months can be very long when the kids are stuck indoors. This article offers 11 ideas for teens and tweens to keep them busy during those long days.

How to Child Proof Your Garden

I guess for most parents, the kitchen or bathroom would be considered the most dangerous place for your toddler. The garden however, is one of the biggest and best play spaces available to your toddler, so you do need to get out there and make sure it's also hazard free.

Lessons You Learn When Your Child is in an Accident

I watched as my three year old grandson was wheeled out of the emergency room fastened tightly to a gurney with a huge head brace encircling his tiny head. I arrived on the scene just in time to tell him that I loved him as men with medical equipment ushered him out to an awaiting helicopter.He was

Tips About Choosing Diaper Bags

When choosing a diaper bag, there are a lot of considerations that you should never disregard. Of course, the first one should be the number of pockets that the bag has. You should check that one out and then see if it's spacious enough to carry basic baby items that you would need to bring whe

Where to Get Birth, Marriage and Death Records in New Mexico

Learn how and where to obtain birth, marriage, and death certificates and records in New Mexico, including the dates for which New Mexico vital records are available, where they are located, and links to online New Mexico vital records databases.