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Creative Cooking - Chicken Surprise

In these tight times, families are learning to stretch their food dollars/pounds. This article explores the lost art of creative cooking through a nostalgic look at the author's childhood.

Enhancing Your Meals with Balsamic Vinegar

Brimming with a complexity that unfolds and develops as it is washes over the taste buds, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena's renowned flavor has been treasured in Italy for hundreds of years, yet remains a relatively ...

Simply Delicious Mexican Recipes

There is certainly no end to the number of different delicious Mexican recipes that you will find. Each of them captures the flavor of the culture they come from. In fact, you will find that this style is one of the few where you will find a number of different ways to make the same menu item. This

How Fermentation Works

Hello. Today's article is going to be about the process of making alcohol, or fermentation. Fermentation is the process of turning sugars in hops, barley, and fruits into alcoholic drinks. Most people are curious about how this process words. Hopefully, I'll satisfy your curiosity in this

How Long Does a Chicken Breast Take to Cook?

This is a common question I usually get on one of my websites about chicken recipes. And usually, I'll ask them back "...What are you going to make with those chicken breasts?". There are so many thing you can do with chicken breast and you can't just treat them equally.

Video: How to Cook Steamer Clams

Video Transcript Hi. My name's Elana Karp. I'm a chef at Plated, and today we're learning how to make steamer clams. So, we're going to start by soaking our clams in some cold water and that's going to get the dirt and sand out from them. It's important that you let them soak for a few...

Apple Oats

Apples are an amazing fruit, plain and simple. Not only can you eat them right off the tree they grew on, but they can be used in all sorts of recipes from sweetly decadent desserts ...

Green Tea Vs Soda

Wild Cherry Pepsi is my one dietary vice. I used to drink 1-3 cans per day. I didn't have to feel too guilty about this vice.

Meat Grindrers and The Things You Can do With Them

Meat Grinder is the name of a kitchen appliance which performs the functions of grinding, mixing or mixing meat, fish or vegetables. The ingredients processed in it may be raw or cooked. It is a ...

How to Light a Propane Barbeque

Propane gas barbecue grills are an alternative to charcoal grills. Many cooks prefer propane grills because they are easier to light and the temperature control is more refined. While lighting a propane grill is simple to do, you should always follow the proper sequence of steps for safety purposes.

Coffeecake Made With Cooked Oatmeal

Although still nutritionally beneficial, leftover cooked oatmeal congeals into a milky beige, gummy mass that is unappealing for repeat performances in cereal bowls. However, it provides a moist, healthy addition to coffeecake and breakfast treats. It is the cholesterol-reducing beta-glucan starches

A Quick Overview of the Butcher Block

Butcher block actually is a term used to define a method of construction that involves gluing wood and then placing it under extreme pressure. The method appeared in the late 1800s, and originally it was used to make sanitary and safe cutting surfaces for butchers. Until then, butchers used slabs of

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a well-known destination for finding a plethora of cuisine options. No matter where you turn in Brooklyn, New York, you'll be able to find a restaurant that your taste buds are craving. Anyone who lives in New York or even people who are traveling to the state will find some of the

Special Event Catering Roswell

Questions to ask Your Catering Specialist Do they offer special events catering? They may not have the larger multiple warming trays needed to caterer that is billed as a "special events catering" party. Is the ...

Knowledge of Chinese Tea Selection

Aside from the variety, tea is classified into grades. Generally, appraisement of tea is based on five principles, namely, shape of the leaf, colour of the liquid, aroma, taste and appearance of the infused leaf.The judgment of what type is best is usually made according to the artistic tastes of th

Bread Maker Machine - To Buy Or Not to Buy?

Bread maker machines will allow you to produce different sizes and shapes of bread. You can even use the bread maker to mix the ingredients up for you then you can put it in the oven. I am going to outline some basic tips for choosing your perfect bread maker.

Get Healthy Antioxidants From Coffee

Hundreds of Americans drink coffee every morning to help them get through their daily routine. But how healthy is coffee? Can it give you energy or does it have negative health side effects we are not aware of?