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How to Make Jewelry Like Kiki Kannibal

Kiki Kannibal, an underground celebrity to Internet "scene kids," creates interesting and wild emo-style accessories and jewelry that can be worn on a variety of occasions. Miss Kannibal's unique and colorful jewelry displays wild creativity, eye-catching style and whimsy. Creating your own versions

How to Make Billy Bookcases Look Built-In

The Billy bookcase is a simple, economic bookcase that comes in basic colors and a variety of customizable attachments and accessories. The bookcase's simple design and low price leaves plenty of room for up-cycling the piece into a visual focus in the home. Reduce the risk of several bookcases look

12 Tips For Anti-aging- Be Young And Sexy Again

Here is the solution to your problem. Staying younger, sexier and healthier is now within your own grasp. What you need is a strong determination.For this you need proper skin care technique, responsible life-style choices and few minutes for yourself.

Celebrity Red Carpet Hairstyles

Taking inspiration from celebrity red carpet hairstyles is the perfect way to find a new look for your own special occasion, such as a prom, birthday party or wedding. Although celebrities may have an army of stylists and lots of cash, many of the looks spotted on the red carpet can be...

Mythology of sterling silver jewellery

Silver jewellery is steeped in mythology by all of the cultures which have used it in their cultures. Part of many religious ceremonies, offerings and symbols, silver has been used for thousands of ye

Tie Dye at Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo Fashion and Costumes. Photos of handmade style and costumes at Bonnaroo 2010.

The Revolution Is On-- The Beelite Way

The world goes gaga over the weight loss. Search the net and you will see so many sites, so many drug regimens, work out, diet chart, pills, wired therapy and what not. Hardly any of them have any scientific backing and the sheer greed has drawn so many fly by night operators into the arena. As a re

How to Design a Baseball Jacket

Baseball is America's favorite pastime, and baseball jackets are synonymous with this historical sport. Creating your own personalized baseball jacket is easy and fun to do, and lets you represent your favorite team while showing of your personal flair and style.

Hats at Royal Ascot, 2007

Women in some parts of the world have a definite love of hats. Here's a look at hats at Royal Ascot.

Step By Step Use of Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals is a line of natural mineral makeup that is customizable from sheer to full coverage. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner are all elements of the Bare Escentuals name. Creating a flawless canvas using foundation is the first step in achieving your

100% Pure

100% Pure is a company that manufactures makeup, skin care, hair care and kids products that are 100% pure and free from synthetics, chemicals, artificial fragrances, detergents, artificial colors and toxins including lead. Basically you get a great product that is completely natural and certified o

How to Make Designer Perfume Oils

If you have a nose for good scents and have a creative flair, then making your own perfume oils can be an exciting and fun hobby that will not only stimulate your senses but can also earn you some extra cash. With a few tools and about thirty minutes you can create a signature, one of a kind scent t

Top Peppermint Foot Lotions

Peppermint foot lotions not only moisturize your feet but they also soothe and revive your tired feet. Here are our choices for the top peppermint foot lotions to try.

Cosmetic Application Techniques

There are several cosmetic application techniques that are used by top Tinseltown makeup artists and professional stylists on runways models and Hollywood actresses, both on movie sets and for special events across the world.These techniques apply to women of all ages.These techniques will really br

What to Wear to an Evening Wedding - Bright Colors!

Need to find a dress for a summer wedding (and still have enough money left over for a gift)? Whether you have $200 or $50 to spend, look fabulous at all your summer weddings with these top budget fashion picks.

Get Exercising For Your Skin

Whether we actually make a commitment to ourselves to exercise or not, we all know by now that exercise is something that promotes good health in people of every age.

4 Makeup Setting Sprays You Need Stat

Read my top picks in makeup setting sprays that will have your makeup lasting all day, eliminate all of those mid-day touch-ups!