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The Best Indian Restaurants in Rockville, Maryland

Kebabs are a feature of Indian cuisine.shish kebab on the grill image by Andris Daugovich from Fotolia.comRockville, the county seat of Maryland's Montgomery County, extends down Rockville Pike toward Washington, DC. Like many metropolitan suburbs, the town offers a diversity of cuisines,...

Making The Perfect Hummus Recipe

There are numerous reasons that you should think making paste at place. It is a lusty eat and making it at internal makes it level better because you get the power to extinguish some of the fat and all of the preservatives without sacrificing savour.

Which Herbs & Spices Go With Lemons?

The flavor of lemons can be further enhanced with the addition of herbs and spices.LEMONS image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comLemons are a versatile fruit that can be used for anything from cooking to cleaning. When used as a cooking ingredient, lemons offer many health benefits. Lemons...

Las Vegas Kosher Restaurants

Las Vegas has something for everyone, including those looking for kosher meals.las vegas from above image by Olegs Mareida from Fotolia.comThe broad spectrum of entertainment and dining options in Las Vegas is unparalleled by most cities across the country. For those of the Jewish faith...

Understanding The Need For Food For Emergency Preparedness

Stocking food for emergency preparedness would provide you a convenient and healthy alternative to home cooked meal, when you are in no mood to use kitchen or when you need to make arrangement for short gathering in haste.

Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

I got this wonderful recipe for Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes a.k.a. Christmas Cupcakes from a Southern Living flyer.

How to Extract Fruit Juices Just Before Serving

Many people prefer to have fresh juice and to avoid anything store-bought. The only way to do this is to squeeze and extract the fruit juice right before you drink it. Most fruits can be squeezed to extract juice, and the process changes minimally depending on the fruit. Some harder fruits, such as

Hygienic Automatic Food Processing Machines

The trend of eating out is growing in major cities of India these days. This is a more frequent practice in families of working couples. This is also a frequent routine among families having teenagers

Classic Pumpkin Pecan Pie, The Best of Both Worlds

This pumpkin pecan pie recipe is an excellent choice if you're looking for a memorable pie for the holidays. This is a great-tasting classic pumpkin pecan pie with pecans or walnuts.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes

These chocolate cookies recipes include all kinds of flavor combinations, from chocolate and peanut butter to chocolate and peppermint. If you like chocolate, you are sure to find a favorite cookie recipe in this collection.

Vegan Russian Tea Cakes

Vegan Cookie Recipes. This collection of Vegan Cookie Recipes contains dozens of vegan recipes of classic cookies that have been remade without the dairy or eggs but all the flavor. Browse though these vegan cookies to find a recipe for your favorite cookie!

How to Choose a Special Occasion Cake

Almost every party has a special occasion cake displayed for guests. You want your cake to fit the occasion and look as professional as possible. A lot of thought and time goes into choosing a special occasion cake. Considering the type of occasion, the amount of guests and flavor of the cake is jus

How to Easily Remove the Shells of Florida Bay Scallops

Florida bay scallops live in the seagrass beds along the west and northwest coast of Florida. During the 1990s, Florida bay scallops were overharvested and reduced to dangerously low numbers. Thanks to the efforts of Florida State University and the Fish and Wildlife Department, Florida bay scallops