What Do We See?- Part 2

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Looking through the persona's eyes reveals a narrow and limited world that causes a feeling of suffocation - the boredom that is so widespread in modern society - while we are controlled by the mechanical patterns that repeat themselves and become abhorrent, because we are not progressing in a spiritual direction.
We are mistaken in thinking that the source of institutionalized boredom is an uninteresting book/movie/lecture/person/life.
Actually, the problem is within us, in our mechanical interpretation of things that does not go beyond known and limited boundaries, that traps us again and again, while Soul is trying to draw beyond the known and into limitless possibilities where everything exists and is present now, in this very moment, and is given to us unconditionally.
The persona can give us only what is within the boundaries of her capabilities: conditional love, well-worn and opinionated ideas, isolation and petty concerns within constricting boundaries, with constant fear as companion because of the unheeded need to throw away our crutches and stand firmly, liberated from the limits and the mechanical chains.
In the material world, all that we 'need' is provided for us to use, move and let go - not to hoard.
The more we use 'things', the more comfortable and plentiful they will be next time, because all things need to be kept in a state of constant flow.
The minute we try to grab and control people and things, by making them our exclusive property, we render them static and then things are no longer flowing and pleasant.
Seeing the world as if it consists of a multitude of separated items creates the illusion that accumulating more and more will induce a feeling of emotional security.
This distorted notion unleashes a compulsion to hoard unnecessary things.
We collect material 'junk' just as we collect negative thoughts, be they about ourselves or about others.
We are so hypnotized by the great mountains of 'junk' daily thrown at us in the form of harsh words, accusations and insults that we forget that our aim in life is to bring up rare pearls within their shells from the depths of the ocean.
Instead of carefully cataloguing all the nice words that have been spoken to us here and there - however few they might be - we prefer to focus on collecting each bit of negativity that has been thrown our way.
Because of the already tremendous mass of that 'junk' hoarded, we cannot see that collecting more junk keeps us from purifying our inner channel.
The real things in life are unique and exclusive and an effort is needed in order to reveal them as the little gems that they are.
Expressions of love, compassion, giving and accepting are such gems.
Instead of carefully digging up these small pearls from the depths of the sea of junk that surrounds us, we tend to pass them off as unreal just because they are few and far between.
But hoarded junk, as large as it might be, only causes us to suffocate from the stench and decay it excretes.
The origin of all confused relationships lies in the distorted emphasis on 'more' while ignoring 'less', by favoring 'quantitative' over 'qualitative'.
In short, we collect what others vomit and we lap it up as truth.
We fail to understand that the persona reflects our inner anxieties as well as our dependence on physical/emotional crutches, and when negative comments are thrown at us, these actually reflect our inability to give love.
Because of her limitations, the persona cannot show unconditional love, and every expression of love, meager as it may be, is therefore a gold mine that needs to be seen as such, and nurtured.
Excessive consumption of anything causes a similar result spiritually as it does on the physical plane.
Throwing up equals being forced, by circumstances, to give up, to lose things involuntarily while giving of ourselves; sharing what we own, willingly, opens our heart to love and helps us to thrive as well as to expand our inner sight, thus enabling us to give more.
The more we give, the easier to climb another step on the ladder that leads to the connection with our real self, the place where Soul is waiting with a mirror in her hands in which to reflect our real face.
Therefore, questions worth asking are Why are we not happy? Why are there so few genuinely happy people around us? Why are so many people ill, aggressive and restless? All these questions have only one answer: we are all starved for love.
The more aggressive and crazy the behavior, the deeper the inner hunger.
The persona causes us to see things upside down, and they appear threatening and false.
As souls in disguise, our aim is to reveal love, beauty, truth, faith and acceptance, even if in small quantities.
The beauty of real pearls, just like that of tiny flowers, is in our ability to recognize them at a glance and to absorb them into ourselves.
The task is harder with whatever is considered big as, then, we can see only part of the picture.
The way towards self-revelation is unveiling the surrounding shells around us, like removing peels of an onion.
Every step upwards on the ladder demands unveiling another layer, for the higher we ascend, the greater the need to be weightless.
We won't be able to drag upward the bulk of our old thoughts and conditionings.
They need to be jettisoned and we need to arrive empty-handed.
Soul does not need anything from this material world.
Any extra weight drags us back downwards and each attempt at re-climb gets harder than the previous one.
As the mechanical system that we are, we tend to believe that what repeats itself regularly is to be taken as true.
Love is a direct message from Soul and, drop by drop, it arrives too seldom and, after a while, it disappears altogether for a long time.
While observing the clear sky on a quiet night, we can glimpse a falling star or a new star blinking at us.
In that second, we are as happy as if we had discovered a genuine pearl.
But come morning, when our daily routine overtakes any sign of the night before, we begin to think that the blinking star had been nothing more than the faraway beam of a plane high above, and that maybe the falling star had been only a figment of our creative imagination.
Experiencing the moment fully causes all things to merge into one wholeness; while repetitive observation, through the old mechanical thought patterns, camouflages the experience as if it hadn't happened.
Because of the persona's limitations, we need the constant repetition of things in order to believe in their existence.
Therefore, we demand to hear our lovers/parents/children/friends confirm, time and again, that they love us, that they appreciate us, for we are afraid that having heard it only once is not enough because of all the other times in which we have been told that we were not loved.
And then we start to tabulate the number of times we have heard expressions of love, and tick that off against the number of times we have heard negative comments - which we often believe to be more frequent - and we don't understand that the tiniest words of love are the real pearls that we need to dig out from the sea of junk.
That junk will remain junk, even as it repeats itself time and again, thousands of times - that real miracles never happen in large quantities but singly, in small doses - is invisible to all but a few.
As souls, love is our real essence and love surrounds us on every side; in every dust particle, in every rain drop, in each green leaf and especially in the eyes of a baby - a brand new incarnation.
As in the case of love, we can see only a reflection of the beauty in the constantly changing world and, therefore, we subjectively place it on a continuum that goes from beautiful and highly desirable to ugly, as if it could be separated into one thing or another, as if one aspect of anything could be separated from its wholeness.
Actually it comes down to an experience of being an inseparable part of these attributes - beauty itself, love, truth and faith.
Our reactions to our life's events can be described like this: suppose we are sitting peacefully on our balcony and suddenly, out of the blue, there appears a big wasp, buzzing and circling about our face.
The first impulse is to swat away the nuisance, but we know well that any sudden movement will lead to a painful sting and so it is best to sit still so that the wasp can fly away.
Thus, every attempt to remove a nuisance out of our way results in pain, because things cannot disappear from our life until they have reached their full solution.
By ignoring them or trying to 'swat"' them away, we postpone their finality while allowing them to inflate into unnatural proportions.
The only way to deal with words and deeds is to pay attention to them in order to understand the meaning of their existence here and now.
Any attempt to alter the situation causes the attachment of the problem, as when an unsolved problem disturbs us with obsessive thoughts.
As long as we refuse to deal with the message contained in the moment, we nourish the 'nuisance' with the negative energy we feed into it, and it can but return to sting us like the wasp, again and again.
It is only when the message has been understood and dealt with appropriately that the energy can flow in another direction, allowing the 'nuisance' to finally disappear.
All things work on magnetic fields and, therefore, they happen at the right time and when conditions are right for us to grapple with them.
When we postpone dealing with them to another time, circumstances will be absolutely different and even less comfortable than the first time around.
In addition, they would end up being tacked on to other things, as the flow doesn't just stop the moment we decide we don't want to solve a problem.
Then we end up, for example, complaining about mountains of work, impossible deadlines and our inability to finish things on time.
While the persona grows by collecting, our soul grows by sharing and participating.
Hands spread wide, the proud landowner contemplates his sprawling estate.
"All this is mine!" he says proudly.
That is, the persona sees itself chained to the physicality of gross matter and is encumbered by its vastness.
From above, Soul looks at the landowner and sees him as a tiny dot within the infinite space.
The reality is that no one can spare us the task of personally amend our karma because, as mentioned, our fate is imprinted in our aura and only an opening of the heart to unconditional love can alter it.
When, the moment we are asked, we give willingly of our time and of ourselves due credit is ours and the act of giving is karma-amending.
But should we refuse, we will be forced to pay under duress and we will not reap any karmic points.
Time and time again, the debt we have incurred - the one that is imprinted in our aura - will come back to nudge us with incremental insistence of the need to pay up with an open heart.
For example, when our fate has destined us to give money to someone for whatever reason, we cannot refuse to give it because the moment it has been decreed we have to pay, that money is already no longer ours, and we won't be able to hold on to it no matter how hard we try.
And should we promise money to someone and then renege on that promise - that sum of money is sure to be lost to us in one way or another in the form of a fine to pay, a credit card lost, an unplanned expense or whatever.
Why are the higher messages from Soul becoming so distorted? The persona is destined to be used as a channel to transmit love, compassion and all of Soul's altruistic aspects, but instead she brings everything back to satisfaction of the senses - from the taste buds through to selfish desires, passions and secret wishes and, from there on, for many, the road to crime is very short.
Let's take, for instance, a drug mule who is one day tempted to taste the drugs in his care if only to understand why people are so eager to buy them.
And then he is no longer able to refrain from stealing what was his duty to deliver.
Permanent struggles between the persona, limited by borders that cannot be crossed, and the soul who pulls us beyond the rainbow, combine to create constant conflict resulting in restlessness and a constant need for movement in order to release stress.
The identification with the persona causes seclusion within her limitations and any attempt to make her cross the boundaries are for the persona tantamount to losing control.
Therefore, we are permanently in an inner revolt that is very difficult to overcome.
Maybe we use giant light bulbs in a bid to light the obscure areas in our life, but weakness of their light fails to enable us to understand the obvious: that in order to control things and to bring them into actualization, we need to let them flow on their own natural course.
Our life consists of strings of continuous events intended to enlighten us into understanding our real essence as pure souls.
In moments of daring imaginings, we live out the innermost desires that are never fully actualized in our lifetime because the capability to reach beyond the limits of the matter has been placed in Soul's hands, and she alone holds the secret code - LOVE - the eternal and infinite power within us that is attracted towards self-realization and union with creation.
Being liberated from the bondage of the body is like being the eagle spreading his wings and soaring high above the clouds, in total faith pinning his hopes on the air and the wind to carry him to his destination.
From the height of his flight, he identifies his food on the ground and, according to necessity, free from the extra weight that might pull him downward into gross matter, he carries it off to feed his young ones, leaving enough for the hyenas and reptiles to feed on.
Looking through Soul's eyes, life is the joyful experience of being like children in a meadow, enjoying multicolored flowers and the soft caress of the breeze on our face while we breathe in pranas that fill our lungs with lights that widen our vision into indescribable dimensions of beauty.
Above all - we feel LOVE that brings tears to our eyes because of its unimaginable beauty, and we feel our heart is about to explode while more and more love is being poured in - and out - at the same time.
At times like this we feel, Yes, oh yes! This is our real home; this is where we belong, although our body is still standing on the same old physical ground.
It's just love.
If we used our wings, we could fly wherever we wished, and be wherever we need to be without moving at all.
This is the miracle of things.
We are an inseparable part of the whole and we move with the wind; we move with the waves of the ocean; with the petals of the flower as they turn upward to accept the sun, and with the branches of the tree that greet the gentle morning dew.
All this is happening on the INSIDE while, outwardly, all is as quiet as if nothing moved because the illusion is gone and there is no more spray from the rushing waves - only the great silence coming from the depths of the huge ocean that embraces us and fills our being with love and harmony.
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