Study the Playbook - Preparation is the Key to Victory!

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Your playbook (from my self-help series...
ChalkTalk101) will help you choose the most beneficial life path for you.
It has all the necessary information to succeed and understand the system that you are playing in.
If you study it and understand how to run the plays you will be a winner.
Your playbook even helps you be ready to change up your life goals, be flexible use the audibles in your playbook to counteract any of the opposition's defenses.
Think from the "I AM" state.
This is a powerful tool to use in changing your life.
The "I AM" state puts you at your goals success NOW.
You are living its realization at this very moment, not at some future time, not hoping for it to happen someday.
By saying "I AM" you're already beginning to change your mindset of accomplishments.
By saying "I AM", not "I will" your mind has accepted the realization of that phrase and begins on working to accomplish the end result whatever that may be for you.
Use it effectively and the change will be dramatic.
You have two components at work ceaselessly working to run your body and mind.
These two components are your conscious and subconscious minds.
The conscious is constantly working to keep in you in the "real world" of sights, sounds, feelings etc.
, while the subconscious mind is working beneath the surface, pumping your heart, keeping you breathing without a thought, helping your lungs take in air and other bodily functions.
What we need to do is reprogram our subconscious mind to work in harmony with our deep inner belief system, which it is already programmed to do, all we have to do is "flip the switch" to turn it on.
That is what I am about to show you how to do.
We will be re-hardwiring the circuits of success.
You will then refine who you truly are.
Some believe that your ability to be successful is instinctive and lies veiled deep in the genetic code, much like an animal's bloodlines.
Others argue that excellence in life is shaped by training and can be improved by different avenues of enlightenment.
While it is true that genetic behaviors cannot be altered, appropriate education and preparation can produce extraordinary results in your life.
The drive to be the best has reached an unparalleled level, making constant preparation principal to your success.
To prepare effectively for any situation, no person, at any level in his or her development, can enter a situation "out of shape" mentally and anticipate doing well or believe that they can secure winning a spot on the roster of success.
Life long preparation has been mandated as the standard of success and it has continuously risen to new levels.
Thus, the stress of the playing the game of life has changed radically as your life has evolved to new levels.
The modern winner is now an astonishing balance of explosive mental strength, alertness, and power of the mind.
Positive forward momentum has proven itself as the ultimate weapon throughout the history of personal growth.
Positive forward momentum will not only physically destroy negativity but also demoralize stinking thinking emotionally.
If you posses explosive mental strength and positive forward momentum you can use it to eradicate your worst fears.
At every level of life's competition, mental strength and quick thinking are heavily scrutinized and in the end dictate triumph.
Develop explosive mental strength and positive mind-power so that you can control the ebb and flow of your life and therefore assist in achieving success.
Preparation is the key determinant to success.
Put simply, success is the offspring of hard work--extremely hard work--that follows an acute plan of attack for your movement into the positive side of your life's ambitions.
The reason that most people are not successful is that they have been held-back by poor long term preparation.
Successful individuals learn the power of hard work and resolve and the simple truth that anything worth having is worth working for.
These rewards are earned at all levels of life accomplishments.
So for you, to become a true success, success becomes established as a pattern of behavior for you everyday.
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