Know Yourself

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The Truth Shall Make You Free.
Many of us have heard this and quite a few know where it was written (John 8:32 in the Bible).
It is misleading.
When the reader comes across this verse or the person quotes it in a movie or on the TV it is thought that the sheer knowledge of the Truth is what makes the person free.
And that is the error.
It isn't the knowledge that makes one free.
If that were the case then the academia would be F-R-E-E.
Those super genius brains would be enjoying a life 100% free.
It would mean that the more you knew the better off you would be.
But wasn't it a Greek philosopher that said "The more I know, the more I realize that I know very little.
" (Or something like that) Many times knowledge only points out our inadequacies focusing on how much more we have to learn.
What makes a difference and what brings freedom is really coming to grips with what it is that you know.
This offers the blueprint for today's and tomorrows activities.
If you don't know how you are making, you can't plan for tomorrow.
If you don't know how much you owe, you may soon be in a hole.
That is why you must know yourself.
You must know the TRUTH.
You must be brutally honest, and write it down.
This is most definitely the first step to success.
You may know where you would like to be, but if you don't know where you are, no map can help you.
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