You Have the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

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In America today, there are so many people that believe they have the right to be happy, and that someone else should just give it to them.
They look for people to give them free money, and people to help them with what they perceive as needs, and for someone else to love them and make them feel good about themselves.
The problem is that so many people have misunderstood what the universal law of reality truly is, and what our fore fathers laid out in our constitution.
The constitution and the universe does not say that we have the right to be happy, but instead that we have the right to the pursuit of happiness.
There is a huge difference.
We have the right to the pursuit of happiness.
This means that every single person who wishes for happiness has the right to chase happiness with all that they are.
The universe doesn't just give us what we want.
It gives us the right and the opportunity to get what we want.
But there must be effort and work on our parts.
We must decide what it is that will make us happy and we must put our entire being into chasing those things.
None of us are guaranteed anything, and I think one of the biggest injustices a parent can do for a child or the government has done for so many people is helping way to much.
We must all learn to stand on our own two feet, and we must all learn to put ourselves into getting what we want.
Warren Buffet was once asked if it bothered him to pay more in taxes each year than ten average people make.
His response was that he would rather be the payer than the payee, and this is such a powerful statement.
We will always only have limited resources if we wait for others to do for us or give to us.
There is so much more we can have and be and do if we go after our own happiness.
It is also foolish to depend on someone else to make us happy or help us find our happiness.
This is not to say that we shouldn't lean on other people or let others help us, but instead that we must learn to depend on ourselves for our own happiness.
As an island needs no other piece of land to stand in it's own place, we must be an island of sorts.
Able to sustain ourselves in the middle of the ocean of life.
You have the right to happiness, but only after you are willing to go out and get it.
We are all deserving of happiness also, even the most evil and horrible of people on the planet.
Everyone deserves to be happy, and I wish very deeply that every single living creature on this planet finds happiness.
Sadly I know this is not possible, but I wish it none the less.
So you have the right to the pursuit of happiness, now what? Very few people I meet on my path have any idea what happiness really is, especially for themselves, let alone how to get it.
The first thing you must do is start to realize what happiness means for you.
What happiness is to you.
For some people happiness is being able to clean up for their family, cook meals for their family, and take care of their needs.
For others happiness is spending time on the river boating up and down and all over the place.
Yet others find happiness and peace in making money.
Happiness and what it means is as varied as the number of people on the planet.
You must know what happiness means to you though or you stand no chance of finding it.
Imagine going out to find something when you don't know what that something is.
It makes a big difference to know that you are on a hunt for gold.
Even then, you must look for gold and not coal.
You have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and you deserve to be happy.
Take full advantage of it because regardless of your religious beliefs and your philosophies, all we know for certain is that we have only this life, and we must use it to our full potential.
Don't waste a single moment of it, not one.
Find your happiness, and bath in it's glory.
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