The 4 Whys We Should Ponder to Improve Our Lives

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We often find that, for some reasons, we keep doing the things we are doing but we just can't achieve the things that we want to achieve.
We often ask ourselves, who we were, what does it meant to be 'me.
' I believe at some point in your life, these questions have been running through your head.
Yet it remains a mystery because you cant seem to solve them.
Yes, I had these questions running through my head in the past too.
But I found that there is another set of questions that once answered, can point us to the right direction.
I call it the Four Whys.
The first Why we should ponder and ask ourselves is, Why? Ever ask yourself, why? Why study so hard? Why work so hard? Why go through all the mundane duties? Why go to classes? Why go to the gym and go through all the pain? Why? I believe we should ask ourselves sincerely, the why question.
The second question we should ponder and ask ourselves is, Why not? Why not see how good your grades are.
Why not see how many books you can read.
Why not see what you can do with your potential, with your talents.
Why not see how many skills you can develop, who you can become? Why not see how valuable you can be to your employer.
Why not? The third question we should ponder and ask is, Why not you? Why not you starting to make progress.
Why not you achieving the dreams you always want to achieve.
Why not you taking charge of your life? Why not you try and see how much you can earn, how much you can see.
If someone have to do it, why not you? The last question we should ponder is, Why not now? Why not start now? The world is full of possibilities and opportunities, why not now? It is a good time to get yourself back together, it is a good time to start the change.
Why not now? I believe if you sincerely think about these four questions and its profound meaning, you can get inspiration in finding out who you are meant to be.
Like everyone else, you are unique, you are different.
Most importantly.
You have the potential to create the life you want.
Why, Why not, Why not you, Why not now?
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