Failure To Plan

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How many times have you thought about changing your life, or creating a new future that is full of promise? If you are one who has only dreamed and not taken any action, then it's time to get moving, or instead, just accept that your life as you know it now will probably be the same forever.
Some of the biggest mistakes that dreamers make are to never commit themselves to writing their goals, never determine what actions they need to take, and do not plan.
Let's talk about the last point and that is the necessity to plan.
A well-defined plan is really your road map to success.
It will tell you in plain language what you have to do (emphasis on 'have to'), when you need to commit to actions, how you will know when you have reached definable milestones along the way, what expected or unexpected obstacles you might encounter and how to overcome them, and, most importantly, a proper plan will give you a bird's eye view of whether your investment of time, energy, and resources is worth the risk.
; you have completed your plan, now what? Here's another step that is forgotten, unappreciated, or simply unknown.
This step, should come before any action is taken, before even one-step is put into play.
Consult others.
So, what does this mean? Consult others means that you have a knowledge base of experiences both good and bad if you simply take the time to investigate.
Investigate means that in all likelihood, somebody has already walked the ground upon which you wish to venture; some one else has probably attempted, achieved, or failed in something similar.
Sure, you can go it alone, but why would you? You can reach out through your own network of friends, and their friends, you can conduct research through the Internet, and you can research articles, and books at your public library.
Then, contact these people letting them know what you are planning to do and asking for their suggestions or help.
Almost everyone will be glad to help.
If they can't or won't help, ask politely for personal recommendations from their contacts other people who may be able to help.
No matter what your goal, advanced knowledge is one of your greatest allies.
With the advantage of knowledge guiding you, you can progress much faster and with much less wasted or ill-advised actions.
The better armed you are with information, the more momentum you can build, and the more momentum you have, the better able you are to keep your focus where it should be, not on where it can derail you.
And, just because you have gleaned some prior information, doesn't mean you should stop looking for additional knowledge or help.
Each step you take, after all, is a new adventure often requiring a new skill base, or a new strategy.
Be on the look out for seminars, new books, new Internet information, or new personal contacts.
Thorough planning leads to confident action which leads to increased results which lead to momentum and which leads to achievement.
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