The Law of Attraction - A Users Guide

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Have you noticed how some people just seem to always be in the zone? They always reach their goals and get everything they want in their lives. How can this be?
One possible answer would be that they are just lucky. Another answer could be that they know something others do not. Let us explore those two answers a little further.

What if it is Luck?
Luck is considered to be something we can not control. If you won a million dollars in a lottery you would call it luck. If you discovered your car had a flat tire when you was already late for work, you would probably call it bad luck. Some people are considered to be lucky while others are considered to be unlucky. If luck is what makes the difference between rich and poor, then there is nothing we can do to change it. We will just have to trust that destiny is doing what it is supposed to do for us.

What if they know something others do not?
If the successful people know something that can get them anything they want, it would be a totally different story. That means that everyone, with the right knowledge, could get what they want. YOU could get everything you want. Wow, think about that for a moment. Where would you be today if this was true? I got news for you: It is true. It is called the Law of Attraction.

All matter is energy. The chair you are sitting on, the trees in the backyard, your house and your car. It is all vibrating energy. And so are you. So, what makes us vibrate? Have you heard the expression you are what you eat? The same goes for thoughts. You truly become what you think about. Our thoughts and feelings make you who you are to the rest of the world. What you think about today is what you will get tomorrow.

The main thing that will make the Law of Attraction work in your favour is your feelings. You are always utilizing the Law of Attraction, whether you know it or not. If you are feeling bad, that is exactly what you will attract. If that is the case, you need to do anything you can to turn it around. Switch the negative thoughts with positive ones. Smile to everyone you meet (even if you do not want to). Sing in the shower. Become aware of your inner dialog and change it. When you first start doing this it will feel artificial and unreal to you. But if you stick to it, you will see that an incredible change takes place inside of you. You will start to attract positive things and people.

Think of your self as an adjusted magnet. You will attract all the things you think about the most. If all you can think about are your bills, then that is what you will get more of. If all you can think about is the money you have, then that is what you will attract. Stop worrying about the things you can not do anything about, and start paying attention to the things you can change. Be patient. You have planted a seed. Everything that is in your life today, is there because of what you have thought about in the past.
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