5 Reasons Why You Have Nothing to Fear From Jesus

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There are many religions in the world who insist that Jesus was not such an important figure.
There are other people who think if they spend too much time thinking about Jesus they might become someone else, the type of person they would rather not be.
The term Christians has been used for centuries to describe people who both regard Jesus as the most important figure in history and who know that using Jesus as a model is the best way to improve their lives.
But in recent years, the term Christian has come to mean other things.
In particular people see Christians as interfering bigots.
This is not Jesus´fault.
Whatever you think of Christians, remember that you have nothing to fear from Jesus.
Here are five reasons why.
1) Jesus never harmed anyone in his entire life.
Even when faced with threats from rabbis and conviction by the Roman court, Jesus turned the other cheek.
Even when he knew that two of his disciples would betray him, he let them carry on.
2) Jesus did not challenge the established religions of his day, but introduced a new way of looking at them.
This means that even if your are a Buddhist or Hindu, a Jew or atheist, you do not have to feel threatened by Jesus.
In fact studying the life of Jesus will help you to view your own faith with greater intensity.
Jesus was the most spiritual person who ever lived, so what have Buddhists to fear? Jesus loved the laws of Moses, so what have Jews to fear? 3) Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, which shows that he cared about everyone, even the most disadvantaged in society.
What would you have to fear from such a man? 4) Jesus let everyone into his life - adulterers, prostitutes and even tax collectors! He made his love freely available to anyone who wanted it.
He tried to show us that some things can get in the way of pure love, and that some things are harmful.
But this is not something to fear, but to learn to understand.
5) When he died on the cross, he told the criminal hanging next to him that he would be in heaven with him that night, the ultimate act of compassion in a moment of excruciating agony.
What had the man done to deserve such grace? Simply recognised Jesus for who he was.
Far from fearing Jesus, whoever we are, we ought to worship him!
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