Pepper Spray Uses And Effects

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There is quite a large variety of pepper spray options offered in the market today by protection technology companies. A few of these options include: Mace Pepper Spray 10%, Pepper shot 10%, Lip Stick Spray, Wildfire 18%, Pepper Mace Batons, Mace Pepper Gun and Pepper Foam and Pepper Gel. The following article discuses the uses and effects of it.

Mace pepper spray is a type of tear gas that comes in liquid form and is typically packed in an aerosol spray. This aerosol container propels the mace mixture along with the volatile mixture that makes it even more effective. Mace is generally used as a non-lethal method of controlling suspected criminals by the police officers or law enforcement officials and a type of self-defense product. Mace is originally made form 1% chloracetophenone in a solvent of dipropylene glycol, sec-butanol, cyclonexene and propylene glycol. Most mace and all pepper spray formulations today however; include Oleoresin Capsicum as main active component. Oleoresin Capsicum comes from the capsicum hot pepper plant.

Pepper spray and the law:

Majority of law enforcement agencies around the world require their officers or personnel to be certified on similar self-defense sprays and devices (like pepper spray) prior to using them on the field. For this purpose, most pepper spray manufacturers produce chemically inactive versions of this self defense product for training purposes. The effect that mace has when used on an individual various from person to person.


The most commonly described effect of this product is a burning irritation felt in the area affected with the mace or pepper spray. When it comes into contact with an attacker's eyes it causes intense pain, making their first reaction an automatic closing and or rubbing of eyes. These effects in addition to the feeling of suffocation when inhaled leads the person or persons who come into contact with the spray top be extremely vulnerable and powerless which makes it a great self-defense tool as it allows victims the opportunity to get away from their assailants and an even better law enforcement tool because it allows officers or police agents to overpower people suspected of committing criminal acts.

What to look for when buying:

As mentioned above, mace and strong pepper spray is typically made up of a couple of components or ingredients with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) being the active component in these products. When shopping it for self defense purposes it is generally recommended that you purchase a brand that contains OC as one of the active ingredients.

Oleoresin Capsicum is made from Cayenne peppers which are one of the hottest pepper plants in the world. Unlike tear gas or the "original" mace spray product which are both irritants, OC is an inflammatory agent and as such any contact it comes into with mucous membrane (i.e. eyes, nose, throat and lungs) leads to the immediate deletion of capillaries. This effect results in instant inflammation of the throat and breathing tissues as well as temporary blindness. The effects of it lasts about 15 to 60 minutes, while that of mace can last for a longer periods. The great thing about pepper spray as a self-defense product is that it is also very effective to people who are immune to pain.
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