15 Ways to Love Your Self More

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Most of us could use a little more Self Love; loving who you are brings more acceptance and love from others into your life and its also a beautiful gift that we can give ourselves with just tiny little actions.
This post isn't about typical acts of Self Love, I want to go a little deeper into what Self Love is and how to create a loving environment for your Self and others - so here are 15 ways to love your Self just a little more:
Don't act out of Obligation
When we feel obligated to do something we take away from ourselves and from the person that we are trying to help; obligation can often turn into enabling so be careful to only act out of love not obligation.
Do only what FEELS good and LET your self feel good
If it doesn't feel good in your body don't do it! More to the point allowing ourselves to feel good throughout the day no matter what our circumstances are will bring more feel good situations into our lives and allow us to live way more authentically.
Be true to who are! 3.
Listen to your body
Ask your body what it wants to do - your body is amazing and it will give you ques if you listen; you might feel tense if your body is saying "no", likewise you might feel expanded and open if your body is saying "yes".
One of the ways I started doing this was asking my body what it wanted to eat and then just sitting there for a second and listening - sometimes I want something really fattening like pizza and other times I want salad or hummus.
No matter what it is I let my body tell me and then I honor that without guilt; I cannot tell you how fantastic this feels! 4.
Trust Your Self
Trust all the little messages you receive throughout the day, whether you hear it, feel it or "see" it, this is your intuition speaking to you - Trust it and honor it! 5.
Let go of expectations
This goes for both expecting too much of your self and others - just let go of expectations, this leads to relationships that feel great and it leads to accepting and loving your self so much more because you are no longer putting unrealistic pressure on your self.
Just let go! 6.
Appreciate who you are
You are amazing and you are always doing awesome things, so take note of all of it.
Everyday write down 5 things you appreciate either about your self or small acts you did during the day that you really appreciate accomplishing - better yet try a mix of both.
This increases your self-worth and your worth isn't necessarily in your accomplishments it's in who you are and how much you appreciate who you are.
Acknowledging both what you do and who you are is a great way to boost your self-confidence and really feel good about YOU! 7.
Connect with your Inner Child
Really learn to mother your self and create that maternal bond for your inner child.
Most of us have an inner child that is seeking love, safety and support.
You can start giving that to your inner child by talking to her, letting her know that she is safe, supported, understood and totally loved.
Write Love Letters to your Self
I love this, it has changed things for me so much and I have my clients do this as well with great success.
You can leave love notes around the house for your self, send your self emails of encouragement and love or even just sit down and write a letter to your self about how amazing you are - it works wonders! 9.
Honor your emotions
No matter what you are feeling you need to honor it; let your self feel the pain, hurt, anger, sadness, happiness, joy, gratitude, etc.
The best way to do this is to write it all out - if you're pissed write it out - get it all out there and then you will easily be able to let it go and move forward.
Connect with your Heart
Your heart is your center and it possesses all kinds of love that is waiting to open up to you, so connect with it.
Listen to your heart, place your hand on the center of your chest and feel your heart beat, feel your self breathing in and out.
Just connect.
Take a bath, watch TV, go ahead and pamper your self; relaxing allows you to do everything you need to get done much easier.
The next time you are tense or feeling stressed out, take a minute and just say to your self "Relax".
Stay in the moment
Being in the moment gives your life balance, pleasure and flow.
If you find your self thinking way to much about all you need to get done take a moment and connect to your breath and simply say to your self: "I am in this moment, this moment is all that there is".
Then go back to what you were doing, you will feel 10 times better! 13.
Give your Self the gift of Time
Time is a gift and most of the time we are doing things for everyone else and who gets left out of the mix? You do! So take a look at your busy schedule and start penciling in some "me" time - you deserve it and more than that you need it! If you want to give to everyone else you have to start giving to your self first.
Invest in something luxurious
I don't know what this is for you but I find in my work that women starve themselves of luxury in their lives WAY too much.
They will do it for everyone else but when it comes to investing in their own luxury it's just not happening.
So once a month or so buy your self something you really want, it could be something small like flowers or something big like that expensive down comforter you've been eyeing.
Either way, start investing in your self, you are so worth it! 15.
Just celebrate, celebrate with your kids, your self, your partner; find or schedule some time each week to be in the spirit of celebration and unity - everything about you is worth celebrating!
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