9 Ways To Break Social Ice

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Parties, dances, restaurants...
wherever you are in a social situation, there is almost always social ice.
People seem a bit awkward: they sit by themselves, talk to no one, and basically act like social outcasts.
Once this starts occurring, it only gets worse, and puts a lid on any party.
But, there are a few ways to pick up a figurative jackhammer and hack this ice to pieces.
  1. Make 'Em Laugh: Humor is by far the most effective way to get the social juices flowing.
    The easiest place to start is by telling a few jokes, but they need to be good ones that aretailored to your audience.
    If you start off a social event by telling a bad or ill-timed joke, you can almost hear the social snow falling.
    So, ifyou don't have any good jokes, start telling some personal stories,because it will show that you are an open person that has no problempoking fun at himself.
    If you don't have any stories to tell, then I wouldconsider learning about fine wines.
  2. Haiku 4 You: I was brainstormingthis article, and I though of a new idea that some people might enjoy.
    Atyour party, have everyone choose a partner, and set aside a few minutesfor everyone to write a haiku or short poem about their chosen companion,then have them read them to each other.
    Not only will this get peoplewarmed up (most of the time), but it will also be good fun.
  3. Karaoke: There is nothing moreembarrassing, humiliating and fun that karaoke.
    To on stage and sing infront of people they have never met before, people need to shed all oftheir shells, and really open up in the process.
    So, even if you have alittle kid's karaoke set, use it! If you really want to spice up theparty, have people dress up before they sing!
  4. Collaborative cooking: There isnothing that requires more intense communication, efficiency and caringthan cooking in groups.
    To do this, it is probably wise to have yourfriends come over a little bit early, and have them wear aprons.
    Then,split them into groups of three or four and assign them a recipe.
    Whoeverfinishes first wins-but then has to eat their creation!
  5. Board Games: Nothing gets peoplewarmed up like a good game of Sorry (if they are a bit closer friends,then play Twister.
    ), because everyone likes it, and they can forget abouttheir social problems and get playing.
    If you want to make an entireevening out of it, you could hold a board game championship!
  6. Improvisation: First, write abunch of odd topics on small pieces of paper, and put them in a hat.
    Then,once your friends come over, assign them into groups of two, and let thempick one topic from the hat.
    They will need to work together to make askit that is even somewhat acceptable, because they will need tobrainstorm settings, characters etc.
    (Here is a great article on brainstorming:http://thinksimplenow.
    )Once they have finished their acts, have them perform in front of thecrowd.
  7. Debate/Choose a few topics:Current events, preferences/opinions and hoaxes seem to work well.
    Onceyour friends are over, divide them as easily as possible into a 'pros'side and a 'cons' side.
    Have them argue one topic, then have them switchsides.
    If they get really into it, you could even have solo debates, maybeeven on suggested topics!
  8. Talk Among Yourselves: Again,split your friends into groups, but instead of debating or improvisation,assign them a discussion topic.
    Let them do what they want, but alwayshave a suggestion.
    If people have something pre-assigned to do, they willfeel a lot more comfortable-its just human nature.
  9. Song Competition: Once your guestsare in groups, give each party a pad of paper and a pencil.
    Once thesetools are distributed, give the party-goers five minutes to write a song.
    Once they have completed this task, have them sing it.
    Whoever has thebest song (by either public opinion, or one assigned judge) wins! Anotherviable alternative to this is RockBand, where you collaboratively play a Guitar Hero like game.
    (An Xbox360 is required.
    ) Then, compare the statistics after each song, and seewho makes the better team.
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