Attract Clients And Build Your Life Coaching Practice

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Building a life coaching practice takes time, effort, persistence and consistency over a long period of time. Anything you build or take time to master will be the same way. Learning how to attract clients is the same. If you’re going to be a life coach, be ready to be in it for the long haul.

Be ready for pains, frustrations, headaches and obstacles. Be ready for times when you don’t know how to move forward. Be ready to continue learning. Be patient. You’ll be happy when you have some wins and you learn to master certain aspects of life coaching. But inevitably, you will continue to grow and arrive at new walls where you need to learn something new. And these walls will keep coming. You will always either be growing or dying.

The point is, don’t expect success to happen overnight. Don’t expect that if you have a few good months that you can let your foot off the gas. Don’t give up if you run into obstacles. How many people do you know who give up on something when they don’t get results right away? How many people do you know who want something for nothing? How many people do you know who don’t have the persistence necessary to master any skill or craft in their lives?

You can never get ahead of yourself. You want to keep your goals in mind, but all your focus and energy should only ever be on the next step right in front of you. Just focus on the next step. Be OK with the process of mastery. Learn to handle incremental growth and learn to embrace it. Learn to be OK with failing and being awkward at something to begin with. That’s the first stage to learning anything.

Know what it is you are committing to. If you are in it solely because you want results right now without doing the work for it, you might as well quit right now so you can save yourself the heartache later when reality hits you. Building a life coaching practice is no different than anything else. You just have to master certain skills. You have to learn how to attract clients. You have to practice over and over and over. In the end, nothing beats commitment, consistency and persistency in becoming a life coach.
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